BKM at the Sepang International Circuit for the MotoGP 2012
Benelli/Keeway Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd. (BKM) was at the round 16th of the world MotoGP series held
at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) from the 19th of October to the 21st of October 2012.
We were located at the prestigious Welcome Centre area of SIC which was thronged by more than
50000 spectators, visitors and motorcycle enthusiast from all walks of life. Our area which
showcased our bikes, KEEWAY Dorado 250, TX200, RKV200, Silverblade 250i, Superlight 200 on one
stage and Benelli Tre1130K, TnT899, Urban 250i, BN600i and our “Hero Bike” the Century Racer
1130 was a real crowd puller. We also showcased a vintage Benelli motorcycle from the early days
of Benelli.
BKM also put up our merchandise selling area, selling from T-Shirts to caps and umbrellas all
bearing our logos and brands which eventually garnered an encouraging sales returns for our
motorcycles brands which is can be considered as still new to the Malaysian market.
People came from all over Malaysia, with many foreigners from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand,
Vietnam, Singapore and as far as USA, UK and Brazil also Jamaica! As the Welcome Centre is the
only main entry point to the main grandstand, the thousands of people feasted their eyes on all
our motorcycles, took photographs with our brand ambassadors on our stage.
We were also right next to where Dorna held their Riders Autograph session which saw people
queuing up from as early as 6.30am.
At the same time, BKM would like to say “SYABAS!” and congratulate Zulfahmi Khairudin, Malaysia’s
rider for his achievement of being the first ever Malaysian motorcycle GP rider to secure second
place in the Moto3 event especially in his home GP. At the same time, BKM also would like to
congratulate Hafiz Syahrani, Malaysia’s wild card rider in the Moto2 event for securing fourth place
amongst the best riders of the world.

BKM at the Sepang International Circuit for the MotoGP 2012
   RKS 200
   RKS 200S
   RKV 200
   RKV 200S
   RK6 600I
   OWEN 150
   V-Blade 250i 
   TX 125 SM 
   TX 200 SM 
   KXM 200  
   TX 125 EN 
   TX 200 EN 
   Joy 110
   KEE 100/110